The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



The distribution of the memo

Ullyot said that she sent the memorandum to Wiseman because he was the head of the Pediatric Operating Room Committee and the head of pediatric surgery. She saw the matter as a pediatric concern, rather than a surgical concern.

She said she did not send a copy to Odim because she wanted to give a message that the anaesthetists did not see the surgeon as the sole problem. She testified that following the meeting that took place on the morning of May 17, she felt that she should have sent copies of the memorandum to Giddins and Odim. She said that she did not even consider sending a copy of the memorandum to Unruh and was unaware of his responsibility for Odim at the time, as section head of CVT surgery.

Copies of the memorandum were sent to Craig and Blanchard. Wiseman testified that, in his opinion, the memorandum should have been sent to Blanchard, with only a copy going to him. However, Wiseman testified that he never received a copy of the memorandum in his office.

Blanchard also said he did not receive or get the memo. He said that when he arrived at his office on the morning of May 17, his secretary told him the memo had been delivered. When he looked for it a short while later, he was unable to find it.



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