The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Alyssa's admission to the Children's Hospital

Alyssa was admitted to the HSC on Tuesday, May 4. The admitting nurse wrote that her chest air entry was good but she had an occasional dry cough. The admitting medical student charted that Alyssa's chest was clear, with good air entry in both lungs. The physiotherapist assessed Alyssa's respiratory status in the afternoon. Alyssa's chest again sounded clear, although Alyssa's mother told the physiotherapist that Alyssa still had a congested cough in the morning and evening.

At 1600 hours, Wong assessed Alyssa's condition in preparation for surgery. On the consultant's report, he wrote, "Acyanotic but potential for cyanotic episodes exist. ASA II. Acceptable risk for GA [general anaesthetic]. In good condition." (Exhibit 11, page STI 49)

That evening Alyssa's mother and grandmother toured the PICU as part of the pre-operative preparation for surgery.

In her testimony, Donna Still said that on May 4 she had reservations about going through with the operation. That day Alyssa had become very upset when a blood sample was taken. Donna Still expressed her concerns to a nurse, although she could not recall which nurse she spoke to.

I said I had a bad feeling about this surgery. Like I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go through with it. They made it perfectly clear that it had to go through, that there was no discussion otherwise. (Evidence, page 2,250)

Shirley Mae Still also testified to this hesitation. She said that she thought either Giddins or Odim was present and persuaded them to allow the operation to proceed.

In the early morning hours of May 5, 1994, as Alyssa underwent her final preparations for surgery, the nurse wrote, "...occasional congested cough noted overnight (no) nasal discharge." (Exhibit 11, page STI 40)



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