The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Borton asks for a transfer

Borton testified that she encountered Giddins on the street outside the VCHC the day after Alyssa died. Giddins asked her about a patient who was to undergo a valvotomy. Borton said that she told him that she was not able to go into the unit, because she was so distraught about Alyssa's death. Shortly after this she recalled arranging a meeting with Boyle.

I went into her office, and I remember it distinctly because I went in and I sat down and I said to her, I just want to let you know that I have concerns about the cardiac program, and I started to cry. And she was very supportive of me, you know. I felt that she was the first person that really heard me. Dr. Giddins didn't have reservations; Lois didn't have the same feelings that I had, she didn't share that with me and I didn't-to the extent of how I felt, I felt that Isobel understood and supported me. (Evidence, page 18,197)

At that point Boyle said that she would work in helping Borton find work in another area. Before that happened, the program went into a slowdown because of the anaesthetists' decision to withdraw services. As a result, Borton remained with the program throughout the summer and early fall.



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