The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Conclusion as to Gary's pre-operative status

The decision that Giddins made in the fall of 1993 not to operate until it could be determined whether or not Gary's VSD would close on its own was a reasonable one. Additionally, given Gary's condition at the time of his initial diagnosis, delaying surgery in order to see if his size and strength could be improved through appropriate medical attention was also a reasonable plan.

There is insufficient information on the record to determine if the medical authorities in Lynn Lake were sufficiently attentive to Gary's development. However, it does seem clear that Gary did not gain much size or strength between the time of his initial diagnosis and his next Heart Centre visit. Giddins and Odim concluded that Gary was not going to gain any more strength or size, due in part, at least, to the fact that his cardiac condition had deteriorated to the point where it was interfering with that development. That also seems to be a reasonable conclusion.

There is a difference of opinion between those who participated in Gary's treatment and those who reviewed the case for the Inquest, as to whether or not the operation should have been delayed in order to treat Gary for his lung condition. While Giddins and Odim discounted the possibility of an infection, they did not order appropriate tests to determine if one was present or not.

The possibility of an increased risk to Gary because of his respiratory problems was not discussed with his parents before the operation, although there was opportunity to do so.



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