The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Blanchard speaks with Odim

After the May 17 meeting had ended, Blanchard spoke with Odim, who he feared might have been emotionally destroyed by the events. Blanchard also feared that Odim might resign on the spot. Blanchard was surprised to hear that Odim himself had concerns about the program.

And that's when he shared with me that he did not feel supported by anaesthesia. I hadn't heard that until then. Maybe I should have, but I hadn't. (Evidence, page 36,510)

Despite the magnitude of the concerns raised by the anaesthetists, Blanchard did not discuss morbidity and mortality issues with Odim at that point.

Well, I was trying to pick him up off the floor. I didn't see any point. We already had a process in place to deal with that. A, I didn't want to interfere with it, and B, I was trying to be some kind of support for the man. (Evidence, page 36,510)

Blanchard declined to get too directly involved in assessing the situation for himself. He did not consider going into the operating room with Odim at this or at any other point in 1994. At the same time, he obviously expected the issues to be resolved by the review team established at the May 17 meeting.


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