The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



What to do about the existing cases?

There remained the question about what to do about the cases that had been scheduled for surgery. In taking the action they had, the anaesthetists had forced the delay or transfer of potentially all open-heart pediatric cardiac surgical cases that would normally have been done at the Children's Hospital. Once the review had been agreed to, Bishop and others broached the question of performing some operations while the review was being undertaken.

Giddins and Odim (among others) supported the view that low-risk open-heart operations could still be performed during the review. McNeill testified that originally the anaesthetists had wanted a moratorium on all open-heart cases, including low-risk cases. Following the creation of the Wiseman Committee, she testified that "we left with having agreed that we would not withdraw entirely, and you know, that we would set up a review process to address things that were going on in the program." (Evidence, page 13,262) Since a review of the program had been set in place, the anaesthetists felt that it was impossible for them to refuse to participate in all open-heart operations. However, they maintained their concern about the degree of complexity of the cases that were being considered or undertaken. At the meeting, McNeill and Ullyot agreed that the anaesthetists would participate in less-complex, low-risk open-heart cases but that they would not participate in cases of higher risk until the review was complete.



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