The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



The issue of committee records

It is worthwhile noting that while there are documents that are referred to as minutes for many of the Wiseman Committee meetings, these are not true minutes in the sense of an officially agreed upon record of events. Ullyot testified that the minutes often came out late, or not at all, and were not reviewed at the next meeting by the committee members. Wiseman, who usually kept the minutes, acknowledged that they were really his dictated notes from the meetings and were not intended to be minutes. He acknowledged that he also did not make notes for each of the meetings, that he often wrote them some time after a meeting had been held and that occasionally they might not have been circulated in a timely manner.

He also said that the meetings were conducted with a view to seeing if a consensus would develop on each of the issues that were being discussed. Ullyot, McNeill and others said that they were of the view that the question of when or if a consensus had been reached was not one into which members of the committee had any input and that Wiseman himself seemed to be the sole judge of that. The very spottiness of the committee records underlines its lack of rigour in this area. The following discussion of the activities of the Wiseman Committee is therefore limited by the lack of a detailed record.


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