The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Post-operative care and anaesthesia

Odim's personal concerns about post-operative care and anaesthesia in many ways reflected his pre-existing concerns that there should be only one intensive care unit for open-heart pediatric patients and fewer anaesthetists involved in pediatric cardiac surgery.

Odim believed it was necessary to create a smaller, more concentrated team of anaesthetists. In his testimony, he spoke of the need to have anaesthetists who had one hundred per cent commitment to the program. At times he seemed to be speaking of time commitment and the need for anaesthetists to spend more time on pediatric cardiac cases and less time on other work. He also seemed to be implying that some of the anaesthetists were not taking responsibility for the program. His repeated references to the failure of the anaesthetists to respond to his attempts to have them attend post-operative and M & M Rounds suggest that he was of the view that they did not have a sense of ownership about the program.



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