The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



The Wiseman Committee begins its discussions

No minutes or notes were kept of the committee's May 25 meeting. According to testimony, Wiseman asked each committee member to present his or her concerns. In putting forward the concerns of her colleagues, Youngson said:

I remember being very apprehensive, very nervous. And I just talked about some of the cannulation issues and some of the air in the cannula type issues, and the fact that I was very uncomfortable having to-don't forget, I am saying this to Dr. Odim. (Evidence, pages 8,465-8,466)

Youngson said she also spoke about Odim's requirement for silence in the operating room during surgery, which was different from Duncan's approach. She said that Odim was pleasant and responsive to her concerns at the meeting. He indicated that he was sorry that she had these concerns, and that where possible he would attempt to rectify matters.

Youngson also testified that Odim asked McNeill if it would not be possible to shorten the induction period. According to Youngson, McNeill explained that this would be difficult, since the HSC was a teaching hospital and residents performed some of the functions undertaken during induction.

What was not discussed directly, according to Youngson was the mortality rate. When asked if anyone brought the mortality rate issue up for discussion, she testified:

I don't think so, no. I didn't really discuss the high mortality rate. I just said that, you know, we were a little upset about what had happened. I don't think I came right out and said, you know, too many children are dying. I didn't put it like that. I said that what had happened up until that point was upsetting for us. (Evidence, page 8,472)



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