The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Dr. Brian Postl is appointed head of pediatrics

On September 15, Dr. Brian Postl became head of pediatrics and child health at the HSC. Postl testified that he had been made aware of problems with the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Program in late August or early September. Dr. Jack Bowman, who had been acting as Agnes Bishop's interim replacement over the summer months, had given Postl a short briefing on developments within the program. Bowman indicated that there had been problems, which were being addressed by a committee. A note from Bishop had given Postl similar information.

Postl said that, following his appointment, he began meeting with all the section heads who reported to him, as well as with the various pediatric health organizations in the city. He did not appreciate the magnitude of the problems that the PCS program faced for several weeks.



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