The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Preparation of the NICU

In her testimony about the Terziski case, Debra Armitage, a senior NICU nurse, said she felt that there had not been sufficient pre-operative communication from Odim regarding Daniel's post-operative care. In his testimony, Dr. Heinz Reimer said that the NICU staff did not appear to fully appreciate the severity of Daniel's post-operative condition.

Despite that experience, before the operation in Erica's case, Odim did not give any special instructions to the NICU staff. He testified that:

[I]t was the same unit that was taking care of this patient before we went to the operating room. So the need to advise them of this patient was really moot. They had been managing the patient and we had discussions during that time interval. So, there was no extra preparation above and beyond the usual things that we talk about in terms of managing these kids. (Evidence, page 25,659)



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