The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Pre-operative status

Erica's blood pressure and central venous pressure (CVP) dropped all day on October 2, requiring an increase in the use of dopamine. Her urine output was good. She had mild pulmonary edema, for which she was treated with a diuretic. A chest X-ray showed improved ventilation of the left lobe of her lung, when compared with an X-ray taken that morning. However, there was a suggestion of collapse in the right lung and the presence of a small amount of pulmonary edema.

That day the Bichels gave verbal consent to proceed with the operation on Tuesday, October 4, 1994.

Erica's colour remained pale and dusky and she was jaundiced, a sign that her liver was failing. She was given a drug (Pavulon) to relax or weaken her muscles. This was done to decrease oxygen consumption by the muscles and make mechanical ventilation of her lungs easier. Erica required many changes to the settings of the ventilator during the day, to accommodate her declining oxygen saturation.



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