The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Pre-operative status

During the night of December 20, Erin's extremities were very cool, and she was placed under a radiant heater. She was very irritable and tremulous but settled with sedation.

In his report, Hudson raised a potentially serious point. He wrote that:

A coagulopathy was present before surgery. I was not able to locate any notations in the chart that indicated that anyone involved in the care of this patient was aware of these results. Intraoperative and postoperative bleeding were major problems that likely contributed to the death of this patient. The failure to diagnose and treat this coagulopathy before surgery are major deficiencies in the management of this patient. (Italics and bolding in original) (Exhibit 307, page 12.14)

Hudson subsequently revised this conclusion. Documentation was presented to him indicating that there had been a pre-operative administration of Vitamin K, the treatment that he believed had not been provided. Secondly, he agreed that the lack of bleeding in the early stages of the operation indicated that Erin did not have a coagulopathy pre-operatively:

I would agree with Dr. McNeill's conclusion that those results then, in a neonate and in the context of having been given vitamin K, are at best mildly abnormal. (Evidence, page 40,049)

With the resolution of this issue, it can be concluded that the diagnosis, pre-operative care and surgical plan were appropriate in this case.



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