The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Meeting of the department heads - November 28

On November 28, the day after Jesse Maguire died, Odim met with Blanchard, Craig and Postl. The meeting had been previously arranged.

Postl testified that, at this meeting, Odim spoke of the need to consolidate post-operative care and reduce the number of anaesthetists. Postl also testified that "the tone and content of discussion was almost precisely what was in the letter." (Evidence, page 35,516) As a result, Postl began to wonder if it might be impossible to resolve all of the team issues. He also was surprised by some of the items included in Odim's proposed mission statement. The most surprising was the concept of performing heart transplants in Winnipeg. At the meeting there was discussion of whether there should be an external review or if it would be more appropriate to await Lindsay's arrival.

In late November or early to mid-December, Postl in fact met with Lindsay. They spoke about the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Program. According to Postl, Lindsay indicated that he was open to reviewing the program. The need for an external review became more apparent to Postl after his meeting with Lindsay, as he became aware of the events that had occurred in the OR during the operation on Jesse Maguire.



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