The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



Pre-operative status

On September 12, Sarah Tena took Marietess to the HSC. The admitting medical student described Marietess's condition as stable. She had been experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath when playing and her oxygen saturation had fallen. She was somewhat cyanotic, and her fingers were clubbed.

Sarah Tena met with Odim again that day. She testified that Odim once more explained the procedure, although this time she said he told her that the risk was 93 per cent, a figure consistent with Cornel's assessment. Sarah Tena said that since she had already signed the consent form, she felt she was committed to going ahead with the operation.

Dr. Jo Swartz conducted an anaesthetic assessment on September 12. Swartz identified a number of issues that she believed could create difficulties with the procedure. Marietess had a slow atrial rate, a sign that she might require pacing. Because she was cyanotic, there was an increased risk of blood clots. Swartz classed Marietess as ASA IV, a sign that her overall condition presented a constant threat to her life.

It should be noted that there was no evidence presented to this Inquest that suggested that any errors were made in the diagnosis, in planning the operation, or in carrying out pre-operative care.



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