The Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Inquest Report



The Wiseman Committee meeting of December 7

The committee met again on December 7, for the first time since October 17. In the intervening period, the deaths of Jesse Maguire and Ashton Feakes had occurred. The main topic at the meeting was the proposed centralization of post-operative care. It appeared that the NICU nurses were now more amenable to the single-unit proposal, although it was recognized that the PICU nurses would require additional training in caring for neonatal patients.

However, at this meeting Kesselman raised concerns about the impact that the consolidation would have on the resources of the PICU. Nor was it possible for Cardiology to provide any additional support for post-operative care. McNeill moved that the post-operative care process remain unchanged for the moment, since existing resources would not support the single-unit approach. While it was recognized that this decision was necessary, Odim's disappointment was recorded in the minutes.

The members of the committee were not informed of Blanchard's directive of December 6; nor, in keeping with Blanchard's instructions, were they informed of Odim's letter of September 25, despite the fact that Wiseman had been given a copy of it on October 28. Although Wiseman may not have been aware of the December 6 directive, certainly by that time Odim had seen the directive or was aware of its contents from the meeting he had had the day before with Blanchard. The information was a matter of considerable interest and importance to committee members and should have been shared with them.

At the meeting's end, Wiseman reported that, in view of recent events, the surgical procedures carried out in September, October and November would be reviewed. The matter was not put to a vote of the committee, and apparently came directly from Wiseman. This could have done to meet Seshia's expression of concern that the program outcomes were still problematic. However, the recent events to which Wiseman referred were undoubtedly the cases of Ashton Feakes, JR, ID and Jesse Maguire. Wiseman may also have been influenced by Odim's letter of September 25. He reported that it was also expected that when Lindsay took up his duties, he would provide guidance for a further review of the program. The committee's reviews were to be performed at a meeting set for December 16. That meeting was never held.



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